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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

This is a strategy TCG, a World of Warcraft. You are going to love this entertaining, exciting and so much fun gameplay. It was only recently released by its developer the Blizzard. You will have options that will help you to build up your deck, to have very strong minions.

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This is based on fantasy, and it has a very good gameplay. It is downloadable, so why not download it today and see what all the other gamers are raving about. You will see how the use of beautiful colors, and dark creatures can create such wonderful images. there are many characters that will be appealing visually, they are so stunning.

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 Astral Towers12

Astral Towers

This is a Trading Card  game that you can play online, and you will be able to command the creatures, make buildings stand straight, do enchantments and cast all kinds of spells on your opponent to help you defeat them. Each duel will bring you five magical elements, they are: fire, death, fire, nature, and craft.

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You’re going to feel the same as the other gamers out there, and they can’t stop talking about how fun and exciting this one here is. it has a set that is tough as nails, and it has only recently been translated to English, from the Japan knowledge. It has an infinite amount of levels.

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This is free for you to play, and it can be downloaded. You will love this gameplay of fantasy, with all it’s lovely colors and wonderful graphics. It is simply magical! In this Trading Card Game you will fight using your cards and go up against other mages. You will earn more experience and points for each duel.

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Are you looking for an online game in hopes of satisfying that thirst you have for battles? If so, look no further, for this is what you are looking for. In this you are going to have one hero, similar to RPG’s. You will have eight different classes to choose from, they are: The Gladiator, The Hunter, The Paladin, The Assassin, and The Knight.

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Heroes of the Realm

This is a fighting game that you use trading cards to play. You will have an army that is made up of many heroes that come out of your cards. It is kind of like Angels vs. Demons for an epic battle. The fighting has messed up the proper balance of Heaven, the Underworld, and Midland.

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Cabals: The Card Game

This is where the action is, it’s the online trading game for your generation. You’ll find it handy since it can be played on many different devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, different browsers, also on Android devices. The designer has accomplished some fantastic artwork, and it has great mechanics, with multiplayer instant action.

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This is a massive online gameplay. It is a multi-player trading card entertainer that will keep you on your toes throughout the entire thing. It has some very unique creatures, and many more features than others of the same genre. It is downloadable, and it is free for you to play.

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 Card Hunter12

Card Hunter

This has a well thought out design, and has been given good stylish graphics. This has took a tabletop strategy gameplay and blended it very well to create the perfect balance in this CCG. This is a lot like the RPG games. You will get a kick out of Gary, the dungeon master, he is sometimes very funny.

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First, you should be warned, this is a very addicting TCG. This is the part where you start building up your deck, and prepare to use your strategic tactics, so its better if you freshen them up a bit. This is going to have a few surprises for you as you continue to progress through each level.

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This TCG is for those who love the genre. You will be using many different strategies as you progress through this, collecting new cards as you move along. This can be played online and it is mobile as well. This is a wonderful way to spend your spare time, and without cluttering up the bedroom at home.

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Kings and Legends

This has a very good storyline. It is based on trading card battling. It offers you opportunities to get to know others from all around the world, and this is due to the features being offered to you, like the multiplayer mode and the single player mode. You can enjoy this card trading gameplay with an in-depth recognition.

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Rise of Mythos

There has been a multiplayer mode adding an additional twist to this gameplay. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to check this one out for you can play this for free. You are going to keep the city of Silver Heron Ridge safe by fighting off the evil forces.

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 Duel of Champions1

Duel of Champions

This is downloadable to your computer and other devices. It is free for you to play this fantasy based TCG. I:t has over 250 cards, full of excitement ,and you will have hours of fun. You are going to enjoy all the different things this has to offer. Imagine getting to choose your own hero!

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For more turn based card games, please check the RPG Card Games and Strategy Card Games category.

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