Valhalla Lost Goes Into Open Beta

Valhalla Lost first came to our attention in late September of this year. Zac Phoenix, our resident editor, took a look at an early build of the game, and it’s safe to say that he was rather impressed. The game builds on the popular genre with its stunning visuals and inclusion of new mechanics that were sure to shake up the digital card game genre a little.

The open beta launched a little over a week ago on December 17th, shortly after the wrap-up of the closed beta. Some changes have been made since then, but we’ve been assured that things have only gotten better!

Valhalla Lost is a digital CCG set within Norse mythology where the player takes the reigns as one of four different mystical characters who can call upon the gods to aid them. You will cast many powerful spells to thwart your enemies while using Runes to give your monsters the strategic advantage.


The open beta is currently only available on Android devices. However, the developers, Proficient City, have plans to launch the game on iOS in early 2016. The project has been in development since 2012, and it shows with the fantastic hand-drawn artwork and close attention paid to developing an enjoyable player experience.

Players will get the opportunity to play in a long and thorough Adventure mode or epic PvP duels against other players online with both ranked and casual matches available.

Even more exciting is a new innovative feature called Bar Fight which allows players to challenge other people within their proximity, making for some truly intense local-player battles against friends or even strangers! The ladder system for ranked matches will grant massive rewards for those with a thirst for victory who don’t settle for anything but the top spot!

30ib537Some challenges and dungeons award players with lucrative rewards, which are well worth the investment of time and effort to complete. Epic bosses in these dungeons will test your deck and your skill to the absolute limits.

Valhalla Lost is a free-to-play title that uses the in-app purchases to bring you consistent updates every three months. It will launch with over 200 unique and hand-drawn cards that are amazingly beautiful.

Social aspects of the game are also at the forefront of the game design where players can help one another obtain cards outside of the usual methods. Cards can also be obtained through in-app purchases or by crafting them in the Workshop.

Some general housekeeping has been undertaken to tidy up the user interface and make it a lot more user-friendly, though this wasn’t an issue before. Gameplay changes are also likely to occur if there are any bugs found by players who take part in the open beta, and the developers are keen to recognize this input with rewards for those who are instrumental in making the game better.

If you missed our early preview before, catch it again here!

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